China to impose curfew on video games

The Chinese government has announced that it is going to impose a curfew on video games and online games for minors in the country.

It is further informed that all online games under 18 years of age will be banned from playing online games between 10 PM to 8 AM. Their gaming will also be restricted for 90 minutes on weekdays and for three hours on weekends and on holidays.

This action is the part of China government strategy to curb video games addiction of Chinese minors. It was officially stated that unrestricted video gaming is damaging these children’s health badly.

Incidentally, China is one of the world’s largest markets for online gaming.

This official government guidelines that include money spending limits for minors, was released on Tuesday.

According to this government release, online gamers from eight to sixteen years of age can spend up to 200 Yuan only per month for online gaming. The minors between 16 years to 18 years of age are allowed to spend 400 Yuan per month on their gaming accounts.

Research firm Newzoo stated that China has become the second largest online gaming market in the world now, since US global revenue surpassed China for the first time because of China government’s increased regulations on the online gaming industry within the country.

China has repeated criticized playing video games for its adversely affecting the health of young people in China.

The Chinese government announced establishing an online game regulator in the year 2018. It was in response to the increasing number of incidences of near sightedness in children. This game regulator is to limit the number of new online games, restrict their playing time and to develop an age restriction system for playing video games.

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